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Lead Pastor | Cristi Murgu


Brief Bio: I am Romanian-born and have been serving at CFM since the autumn of 1998, having graduated from Birmingham Bible Institute.


Dream: passionate about communication and community, longing to see the local church become a hub of discipleship, influence and transformation. ‘Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for You; Your name and renown are the desire of our hearts.’ Isaiah 26:8


  • Passions: preaching, leadership, Aston Villa, suits, conversations

  • Currently Reading: Eugene Peterson - The Pastor

  • Currently Listening: Brene Brown - Dare to Lead

  • Podcasts: 5 Leadership Questions, This Cultural Moment

  • Series: Frasier, The West Wing, Downton Abbey

Perfect day: coffee, newspaper, beach walk, artisan coffee shop

Current Favourite Quote:

'Grant me to rest on Thy power and faithfulness, and to know that there are two things worth living for: to further Thy cause in the world and to do good to the souls and bodies of those around me: this is my ministry, my life, my prayer, my end.' The Valley of Vision

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Trainee Pastor | Dave Ginns


Hi, I'm Dave, a southerner moved north (as was Jesus). i grew up in south east London, and my childhood faith in Christ came to maturity at the Slade Evangelical Church, Plumstead.

At the age of 25 I became bored with the working life finding it too stressful and shallow. There was a nagging wish to go deeper in my faith. So I quit and went to study theology at London School of Theology near Watford.

After a three year degree, I ended up moving north to Preston in 2011, to experience working in a church at Fulwood Free Methodist Church. It was there that I met the lovely Aby and we were married in February 2013. our daughter molly came along in December 2015.

CFM came calling in early 2018, seeking for me to become their new trainee pastor and after some thought and prayer and after consulting my senior management team (Abi and Molly), we decided to move to Warton and become part of the CFM family, where I became the trainee Pastor in September 2018.


My 'thing' is teaching. I find the Bible interesting and exciting and really want others to find it likewise. I am passionate that the church all over the world should be able to articulate the message of Jesus in a coherent way so that people at least understand what we are talking about. After all, it is of crucial importance.


I am an occasional Arsenal fan.







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